Coniston Parking & Arrival

Parking and camping opens 9am at Coniston John Ruskin School on Friday July 29th. We’ve provided full details in the event guidance notes, but wanted to highlight some of the key issues and times, to ensure that the process runs smoothly.

What’s key for the full weekend is that we maintain a flow of traffic on Lake road (this is the road to the lake, on which John Ruskin School is based). Here’s some key things you need to know:


  1. The car park(s) open at 9am, please don’t arrive any earlier and you must not wait on Lake Road under any circumstances. We do not want a queue on Lake Road prior to that time.
  2. The main camping field is the first field on the right, you drive along Lake Road and enter at the bottom of the field. Drive past the school and continue for 150m to the bottom of the lane. DO NOT attempt to drive through the main school gates.
  3. The overflow field is a further 100m on the left. This will be used when the main field is full. Motorhomes and caravans will also be placed on the overflow field, there is no electricity hook up.
  4. Once on the main field, you will not be allowed to leave until Saturday. You cannot drive onto the main field on Friday, pitch your tent then leave in your car. This is due to safety reasons (there are too many adults and children on the field) and also the fact that there is one access point, so we cannot have 2 way traffic.
  5. If you wish to park, register and then leave, you will use the overflow car park. The same applies if you would like to pitch your tent and then leave. Alternatively, use the pay and display in the village centre. WE MUST avoid 2 way traffic as much as possible on Lake Road, so please consider this if you’re planning to camp and then leave from the overflow field.
  6. The Lakeland 100 starts at 6pm, so to further ensure that we minimise the impact on traffic, please arrive prior to 5:30pm or after 6:30pm. Do not arrive within that 1 hour window.
  7. The Lakeland 1 Fun Run takes place on the main field at 6:30pm and this field will not re-open until 7:15pm. If you do arrive at 6:30pm, you will be directed to the overflow field, as the main field will not re-open until 7:15pm (NB – It is likely the main field will be full anyhow by 5:30pm, so the overflow field would be the only option anyhow).


  1. Buses will transport people to Dalemain, but friends and family can drive there to spectate. Supporters must be at Dalemain by 10am (car park closes at this time). It’s a 90 minute drive from Coniston. By asking spectators to leave early, it reduces congestion for coaches on the Ambleside road and also on the Dalemain road to Rheged.
  2. As above, please minimise traffic in and out of Coniston. It’s important throughout the whole weekend that we reduce traffic on Lake Road. If you don’t need to leave, then stay on the field.


  1. At no point should anyone park on Lake Road. Last year we placed traffic cones along Lake Road and prior to the presentation (to gain a quick exit) the cones were moved and people parked on the road. Be aware, traffic wardens will manage that area over the weekend. Do not park on Lake Road at any time throughout the weekend.

Coniston is a wonderful village and we’re privileged to be there. It’s important that we minimise the impact on local residents. Ensure you’ve read the guidelines above and help us to ensure that things run smoothly over event weekend.

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