About the course

The Checkpoints

There are 14 checkpoints in total excluding the start and finish area at John Ruskin School in Coniston. The PDF document below provides a description and grid reference for each, please note that the grid references may not be absolutely precise but the checkpoints will be clearly marked during the event.

Checkpoint Cut Off Times

You must have LEFT each checkpoint by its cut off time. Any runner arriving at the checkpoint or still remaining in the checkpoint, after the cut off time, will be pulled out of the race. It is important to clarify that the overall completion time and the pace required to finish within the 40 hour time limit, has not been altered. The checkpoint cut off or ‘closing’ times are the same for both the 50 and 100 event.

Lakeland 100 Cut Off Timings

Lakeland 50 Cut Off Timings

The Route Stats

The route statistics and timings include the distance and altitude for each section of the route, the accumulative altitude and distance as the route progresses, estimated fastest and slowest timings and any cut off times in place.

Lakeland 50 Route Stats

Lakeland 100 Route Stats

The Road Book

The Road Book is to be used in conjunction with the race map and it provides a clear description of the route, giving guidance which you cannot always see on the map. Advice may include detours around farm buildings or specific points on the course where the track is faint and hard to follow. You will be provided with a waterproof copy of the road book when you register for the event. 

Lakeland 50 & 100 Road Book 

The Map

The event maps will be Harvey maps and will be 1:40,000 scale and if you wish to recce the route we suggest that you purchase a Harvey 1:40,000 BMC map of the Lake District which covers the entire course. When you register for the event you will be provided with a waterproof Harvey map which is fully marked with route and checkpoints, if you wish to use OS maps then you should purchase these beforehand and pre-mark your route.

Front page of map

Rear page of map

The GPS Tracks

The easiest way to safely navigate the route is by using a GPS device. Below you can download the route as GPX files which can be used with any GPS and associated software.

Please note that the downloads below are located in ‘zip’ files. Click on the links and save them to your computer, go to the zip file once saved on your computer, right click on your mouse and select ‘extract’ to open the zip folder. In the unlikely situation you require a programe to unzip the folders, there are various free programmes available on the internet.

GPX tracks for full 50 & 100

GPX tracks for each quarter

Kit requirements

There is a strict kit check at event registration. Without the required kit, you will not be allowed to start. The compulsory kit list is as follows:

1. Waterproof trousers and jacket. Must be fully waterproof with taped seams (wind / showerproof not acceptable). The jacket must have a hood.
2. Spare base layers, long sleeve top and bottoms. These should be sealed in a bag and only used in emergency situations.
3. Hat and gloves.
4. Map and roadbook (supplied at registration)
5. Compass
6. First aid kit.
7. Emergency food (sealed in a bag to be used only in emergencies).
8. Head torch and spare batteries.
9. Whistle.
10. A back pack or similar to carry all the above.
11. Quality off road running shoes (not road shoes).
12. Mobile phone fully charged.
13. Blanket or survival bag.
14. Solid plastic cup for hot drinks or soup, 2nd cup / bottle or flask for cold drinks, a spork (or similar) for eating food at checkpoints.