Lakeland 100 Virtual Ultra, free entry for primary & secondary schools

How does the school take part?

The students need to collectively run 105 miles, which is done on school grounds. It’s open to any children from reception and nursery, through to secondary school. It must be done between 11th-25th July.

So how does this work?

The school needs to register, but first they need to think about how best to complete the distance. A larger school may wish to register a single year group, to complete the full 105 miles.

As an example, if a school decided that they only wanted year 6 to take part, they would title their entry registration ‘St Thomas Primary School Year 6’ (insert your own school name). The school can place as many registrations as they like, so if they decided to add year 5, they can add a separate entry for them also.

Alternatively, they may wish to register 2 years as 1 entry, for example ‘St Thomas Primary Years 5&6’ may be a single entry rather than 2 separate entries.

They may wish to go one step further and register the whole school as one single entry.

Getting confusing?

Let me explain. You first need to do the maths first to work out what’s best for your school.

If you are a small school and have 70 children in total, then each child only needs to complete 1.5 miles each, to surpass the 105 miles total. You may therefore choose to register the whole school together as one single entry. You could designate 1 day when all the children need to complete 1.5 miles each, or maybe 3 days when the children will do half a mile each, to reach your total. You decide how many days and how far on each day, so long as the children collectively run 105 miles or more. In this case, the whole school would be 1 single entry.

A larger school may have 60 children in a single year group and may therefore decide to enter each ‘year group’ individually, rather than the school as a whole. The 60 children within the year group have to run approx. 2 miles each and it can be one day or several days you decide. In that case, you may place multiple entries, one for each year group.

You can decide how many ‘groups’ or ‘entries’ you wish to place. It may be the whole school as 1, each year group individually or a combination of year groups together.

Live tracking as you make your way round the Lake District

One of the great features on our website is the live tracking. There will be a map of the Lake District and each entry will appear as a runner, moving along the105 mile journey.

At the end of each day, the person from the school who registered the entries will upload how far the children ran and they will move along the route. This is a great visual for school assembly, you can show the progress for each year group, based on how far they run each day and see which year group reaches Coniston first.

Remember… if you want to use the visual map and show progress each day, the challenge is best done over several days. If you register the ‘whole school’ and they hit the target / complete the journey in one single day, the visual progress doesn’t work so well!

You’ll be able to download certificates for the school and the children upon completion and you’ll also be able to download ‘race numbers’ from the entry system that the children can pin to their shirts before they run.

Is your school interested in taking part?

If so, email to get more details and access the free entry process.

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