What’s your story?


We’d like to introduce you to St Mary & St John Primary School in Wigan. During their English lessons, their teacher Mr Gilbertson is keen for the year 5 children to produce stories and poems, which can reach a wider audience.

The Lakeland 50 & 100 is famous for its stories… so we feel that we’re a perfect match for Mr Gilbertson and year 5. Over the course of the next year, the children will be writing for you, to help to motivate and inspire you, and to help you reach the finish line when the going gets tough.

We’ll be publishing their work on our Facebook page and some of the work will be published on the event maps, road books and maybe even the race finishers shirt. The children are simply looking for you to read their work, share it and help support them on their own personal journey. Our intention is to use this scheme as a pilot we can roll out to more primary schools going forwards.

GET INVOLVED – What do we need from you?

We want you to ‘set the tone’ for the primary school children. We’re asking you to click the link below and provide us with 30 words which encapsulates one of your memories from running the Lakeland 50 & 100, or a different trail ultra. It may be the sun coming over the horizon, or the stars at night as you make your way through the mountains. It may be a feeling of sheer joy, or it may have been the worst suffering you have ever endured. What have you personally gained from ultra trail running? Why do you run? What or who motivated you to get to the finish line and what were the emotions you experienced?

Putting things into words isn’t just for primary school children only, so spare some time to write down your thoughts and submit them by GOING HERE. Why don’t you keep a journal of your year, write it with a pen, just like in olden days… it’s good for the soul.

We’re very excited about the relationship and helping to inspire young writers. Together, as a collective, we can do great things.

#LakelandFamily #WhatsYourStory

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