Montane Lakeland 50 & 100 Ballot, Sunday September 1st


1. If possible, can those entering the 100 please register between 9am-10am and those blog1doing the 50 register 10am-12noon, to reduce any strain on the entry system.

2. IMPORTANT: Once you have started your registration your have 1 hour to complete, so whilst registration is 9am-12noon, should you start at 11:55am, you would have until 12:55pm to complete your entry. The simple message is ‘you need to start your entry by 12 noon, but don’t need to finish it by 12 noon!’

3. The time at which you enter will have no bearing on your selection for either general or charity entries, so please don’t feel the need to rush at 9am.

4. You can only enter one event. Should you enter both the 50 & 100 to ‘double your chances’ …. you won’t gain entry to either!

You will need a Sportident account number and your history of completion in the lakeland 50 & 100 event. If you’re entering the 100 and using another event as your qualifier, be sure to add all the details.

Read the information in full by going to:

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