Lakeland 50 & 100 Festive Virtual Ultra – 12 Day Event Schedule.

As the Festive Virtual Ultra approaches, we’re sharing with you our proposed schedule for the 12 days. You don not have to follow this schedule, you can complete the distance however best fits your own time. Our schedule is simply to add a routine to the 12 days and we will have some fun, games and activities based around the schedule shown below.

Virtual 105 miles schedule:

Seathwaite 7 miles                 Friday December 10th 

Wasdale 12.4 miles                 Saturday December 11th

Braithwaite 13.4 miles          Sunday December 12th

Blenthra 8.5 miles                   Monday December 13th

Dockray 7.7 miles                   Tuesday December 14th

Dalemain 10.1 miles               Wednesday December 15th

Howtown 7.1 miles                 Thursday December 16th

Mardale 9.4 miles                   Friday December 17th

Ambleside 13.8 miles             Saturday December 18th

Chapel Stile 5.6 miles – TERRY’S WALK  Sunday December 19th

Tilberthwaite 6.5 miles           Monday December 20th

Coniston 3.5 miles                  Tuesday December 21st

Virtual 50 miles schedule:

Dalemain Loop 4 miles           Friday December 10th 

Howtown 7.2 miles                 Saturday December 11th

Haweswater 6 miles               Sunday December 12th

Mardale 4.4 miles                   Monday December 13th

Sadgill 3.5 miles                      Tuesday December 14th

Kentmere 3 miles                    Wednesday December 15th

Troutbeck 3.3 miles                Thursday December 16th

Ambleside 3 miles                  Friday December 17th

Chapel Stile 5.6 miles             Saturday December 18th

Wrynose 3.5 miles – TERRY’S WALK   Sunday December 19th

Tilberthwaite 3 miles              Monday December 20th

Coniston 3.5 miles                  Tuesday December 21st

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