2021 ballot entries go live Tuesday September 1st at 9am.

Ballot opens 9am – midnight, Tuesday 1st September. We have an additional 500 places and if you wish to be considered for the event in 2021, please add your name and details. Things to know:

1. You can only register from 9am to midnight, Tuesday September 1st, on the entry page (link below).
2. The time you register has absolutely no bearing on whether you are selected. Don’t rush to register at 9am, it’s of no benefit.
3. If you’re registering for the 100, you must have the entry criteria or you will not be accepted. We will not contact you to find out further information, it’ll simply be rejected.
4. Please read the terms and conditions of entry with regards to refunds etc.

Terms of entry and entry link can be found by going here:

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