Lakeland 100 Recce Day 3 – Buttermere to Dalemain, 23rd May 2020

Recce day 3 takes place from Buttermere to Dalemain and covers the 2nd quarter of the 100 course. The route is one of the easier sections with relatively good tracks and few aggressive climbs and descents.

On the Sunday morning the coach will leave at 8:00am from Dalemain Estate near Pooley Bridge, please park your cars in the car park at Dalemain estate but use the far back section of the car park as instructed by the team on site. PLEASE DON’T camp/park overnight in the car park, we do not have permission from Dalemain estate to do this. To see the location GO HERE. The coach will then drop off at Buttermere Village Hall to start the run (60-75 minute drive), to see location GO HERE.


Sat 23rd May

07:30am arrive at Dalemain Estate and park your car
07:40am board coaches at Dalemain Estate
08:00am coaches leave Dalemain and travel to Buttermere
09:15/30am start run from Buttermere

Before you arrive, please log into SI and check your mobile number, it should be the same as the one you are carrying on the day. You should also check your emergency contact details. When you board the coach, we will check you against the register. If someone is taking you direct to Buttermere and you are not using the coach, YOU MUST check in with the team at Buttermere to ensure that they know you are on the course.

Checkpoints will be manned at Braithwaite, Blencathra and Dockray with water and basic refreshments, but please bring your own snacks and any other specific products required. YOU MUST ensure that the CP volunteers check you through each checkpoint on the day , including the finish at Dalemain. Failure to check in will result in us calling your mobile & possibly your emergency contacts to locate you!

You should bring a map and full kit as per the Lakeland 100 kit list is compulsory for all participants. Road books and GPS downloads are available on the website.

Cut off times at checkpoints will closely mimic race day and are as follows:

  • Braithwaite Checkpoint – 2.5 hours from start
  • Blencathra Checkpoint – 5 hours from start
  • Dockray Head – 8 hours from start
  • Dalemain – 12 hours from start

Places are still available if you’d like to join us, to register CLICK HERE

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