The 500Legends club is for all those who have completed the L100 event 5 times or more and they are honoured with a 500 legends slate trophy. A total of 55 people have been awarded the slate, consisting of 52 men and 3 women. Below is the list of 23 people in the running for the 2022 slate, there are 21 men and 2 women on the verge of becoming life long Lakeland Legends.

We wish you all the best of luck and hope to see you on your feet when the sound of the proclaimers kicks off the presentation.

Annette  Brown
Emily  Plummer
Kirsty Williams

Paul  Tierney
Neil  Cockbain
Michael  Irving
Craig  Pritchard
Paul  Swindles
Andrew  Haworth
Paul  Jackson
Leslie  Cupis
Johnnie Watson
Gareth Jones
Nick  Wishart
Andrew  Heaney
Martin  Barrett
Allan  Richardson
Shaun  Mcglynn
Andy  Mcpherson
Simon  Whitehall
John  Kirwan
John  Miles
Eduardo  Brent
Matt Osborne
Andy Whittaker

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