Timetable & Traditions

It’s only 5 weeks to go, how time flies… The full event notes will be available next week, which is a condensed version of the emails we’ve been sending each week. You should read those in full, but this week let’s look at the general timetable and a few traditions of the event…


  • 09:00 hrs Registration opens for L100 & L50
  • 09:00 hrs Event HQ, camping and catering open
  • 03:30 hrs La Sportiva social and family running
  • 16:00 hrs Registration closes for L100
  • 16:30 hrs L100 briefing (compulsory)
  • 18:00 hrs L100 start
  • 18:30 hrs L1 (fun run) start
  • 19:00 hrs Registration re-opens for L50
  • 19:15 hrs L50 Briefing number 1 (go to either, not both)
  • 20:00 hrs Guest speakers in marquee
  • 22:00 hrs Registration closes
  • 23:00 hrs Camp site closes, no entry after this time


  • 06:30 hrs Camp site re-opens
  • 06:30 hrs Emergency registration opens L50
  • 08:00 hrs Emergency registration closes L50
  • 08:30 hrs L50 briefing number 2 (go to either, not both)
  • 09:30 hrs L50 competitors transported by coach to L50 start at Dalemain
  • 10:00 hrs Public parking closes at Dalemain, no cars after this time
  • 11:30 hrs L50 start
  • 15:00 hrs First anticipated L100 finisher
  • 19:30 hrs First anticipated L50 finisher


  • 10:00 hrs Cut off final L100 finishers
  • 11:30 hrs Cut off final L50 finishers
  • 12.00 hrs Presentation of prizes

Nessun Dorma

Completing 100 miles within the 40 hours time limit requires runners to travel through at least one full night, often 2 . Hallucinations are common amongst competitors and in 2012 one runner was convinced that he had passed opera singer Paul Potts (Britain’s Got Talent winner) and ‘swore blind’ he was humming Nessun Dorma at the time. The relevance of this story is that Nessun Dorma translates as ‘none shall sleep’ which seemed appropriate given the circumstances of the runners. Roll forwards 12 hours and during the Sunday presentation party, a Twitter conversation with Paul Potts, revealed that it was in fact him on the course and not a hallucination at all…. much to the amusement of those tired souls who attended the presentation.

Following that moment in 2013, our anthem was set and it’s now part of the event history. Each year we invite an operatic tenor to sing Nessun Dorma and this year, once again, Chris Lafferty will be performing live at the start line. You won’t want to miss the 100 start, it’s one of the most iconic moments of the event.

The Lakeland 1

You may think this weekend is all about the 50 & 100 (105) mile events, but anyone who’s been before knows different. The weekend is in fact all about the Montane Lakeland 1 which starts at 6:30pm under the main start gantry. It’s free to take part, all children get a medal and parents, grand parents and push chairs are all welcome. You don’t need to register beforehand, register on Saturday in the main marquee.

La Sportiva Social & Family Runs

This year, La Sportiva & Montane are partnering to bring you social & family running groups. They’ll be leaving the La Sportiva tent at 3:30pm and there’ll be a guided 5k, 8k & 10k route. It’s open to 50 competitors and family members. There’ll also be a family walk to give you an easier option!

Guest Speakers

At 8pm Friday we’ll have guest speakers on the stage in the main marquee. There’s food, drink and beer available, so come along and relax. Details of guests is coming soon!

Dalemain Start / 4 Miles Loop

On Saturday, the Montane Lakeland 50 starts at Dalemain Country House. Family members are allowed to join you for the first 4 miles loop, which sees you returning to the start area before continuing on the route. REMEMBER – Dalemain parking for cars closes at 10am, so your friends and family must be there beforehand. Send them early and then you can catch the bus!

Jacob’s Ladder

The final checkpoint on the course is Tilberthwaite, where competitors climb the famous steps, now known as ‘Jacob’s Ladder’. The steps are named in memory of a little man called ‘Jacob Willet’ who passed away with cancer his steps are now synonymous with this event. Please take £1 and drop it in the bucket at the bottom of the steps, all proceeds will go to children’s cancer research.

It’s 5 weeks to go people…
In a world where you’re constantly judged by your performance, we only care if you enjoy the journey and make it home.

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