Recce Coniston to Buttermere, Sunday 14th November.

You can still register for the recce day this Sunday by GOING HERE. The timetable for Sunday is below:

0700 – Arrive at Buttermere and park. The coach will be picking up RUNNERS ONLY from the bottom of Newlands Pass (Postcode – CA13 9UZ; what3words – muffin.hats.loom)

All runners MUST carry the following kit:

  • First aid kit
  • Full waterproof body cover, top and bottom
  • Spare base layers
  • Head torch
  • Mobile phone
  • Whistle and compass
  • Hat and gloves
  • Emergency foil blanket or bivi bag
  • Emergency food
  • The road book/map – BUY HERE
  • Cup – To cut down our use of single use plastic, you must bring your own cup for water from each checkpoint.

Don’t even consider cheating on the compulsory kit and we’d recommend you take extra. Blacksail Pass and Scart Gap are no ‘walk in the park’ and the weather may be poor.

*** UPDATE*** – There is a slight change to the roadbook upon leaving the Seathwaite checkpoint as the small footbridge that was destroyed in storms a few years ago has now finally been fixed. Please print off the updated Coniston to Buttermere section of the roadbook HERE to ensure you have the correct instructions for the route as you leave the Seathwaite checkpoint.

0730 – The coaches will arrive at Newlands Pass.

Runners will be signed on to the coaches and will be asked to check:-

1. Their contact details for the mobile phone they will be carrying.

2. The emergency contact details.

0915-0930 – The coach will drop runners off at Coniston John Ruskin School to start the run.

There is an option to start the recce day at Boot for anyone who has concerns over the course/distance or is concerned over how long the recce will take them. We have space for up to 8 runners to take this option. This will be on a first come first served basis. You will need to inform Ed at Coniston if this is your intention. But if you do need this service, perhaps question what you’ve signed up for.


There will be four checkpoints along the recce route. It is MANDATORY to sign in at each checkpoint. DO NOT stroll past the CP and continue on the course, we will presume you have not yet passed through and it could result in a potential emergency call out.

The checkpoints will be at:

  • Seathwaite (7 miles)
  • Boot (14 miles)
  • Wasdale Head (19.4 miles)
  • Buttermere (26.3 miles)

Food and Drink will be provided at Boot and Wasdale Head. The food will be jelly babies and flapjack and the drink will be water. Carry your own food and drink, the checkpoints are primarily there as a ‘check’ and not a buffet.


As per previous years, there will be strict cut off times implemented. Cut off times are taken from the July cut off times and will be monitored throughout the day. You need to have left the checkpoints after the following times. It’s not fair for volunteers to be stood out in the dark later than necessary, so whilst we hope you enjoy the recce, you should also be capable of hitting the pace you expect to run on race day. Please don’t dawdle and stop for a picnic, or we’ll pull you from the recce and put you in the back of the minibus.

  • Seathwaite Checkpoint – 2.5hours from start
  • Boot Checkpoint – 5hours from start
  • Wasdale Head – 6.5hours from start
  • Buttermere – 10hours from start

If you miss the cut off times you will be taken back to Buttermere via the minibus.


There will be support runners on the course who can be identified by hi viz vest. The last support runner will remain behind the last runner.

We encourage all runners to run in pairs/groups for safety reasons and to mark off points in the route book as you progress.

Disposing of litter on the route will not be tolerated. Please dispose of gel wrappers etc. in the rubbish bags provided at checkpoints.

You must sign in at Buttermere before leaving for home. Don’t drive home and leave us (and mountain rescue) searching for you on the course.


If you experience any major injury that prevents you from carrying on then you must contact 999 and then the organisers. If you are unsure of your location, then contact the organiser first as they will be able to help the paramedics pinpoint your location:

Jack Worrall – 07378474771

Ed Nicoll – 07538861333

SAT PHONE – TBC by email or at the start


If you get lost, then you must contact the organisers. Once contact has been made, Jack or Ed will try to establish your location. If this is not possible then the organisers will contact Mountain Rescue.

If a runner fails to report to checkpoint within a certain timeframe then the organisers will try to establish phone contact to ensure that they are not in difficulty. As above, the times are:

  • Seathwaite Checkpoint – 2.5hours from start
  • Boot Checkpoint – 5hours from start
  • Wasdale Head – 6.5hours from start
  • Buttermere – 10hours from start

In the event of a minor injury that prevents you from carrying on there will be a minibus that can take you back to Buttermere. It is unlikely that you will be taken directly back to Buttermere and there may also be a delay in collecting you, so you must be prepared for a long wait & journey.

We look forward to seeing you at the first recce.


Montane Lakeland 100 Team

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