Lakeland Recce Dalemain to Ambleside, 23rd May 2021

These are the FINAL DETAILS for recce weekend 4, which covers the course from Dalemain to Ambleside May 23rd. The specific times and details are as follows:

Sunday 23rd

The coaches will pick up from the recycling centre car park in Ambleside. To see the location GO HERE. The coaches will leave at 7:30am, please be there 7:15am at latest. The coaches will drop off at  Dalemain House (not Pooley Bridge as initially planned) and the first coach will arrive approximately 8:15am. If you are going to Dalemain House direct, you will need to locate Terry and add your name to the list of those running.

Bus transport:

  1. Before boarding, you’ll be asked whether you are with someone who is part of your ‘bubble’, with a family member or whether you have come alone. You will then be told which bus to board and the process for seating.
  2. Masks must be worn at all times on the bus
  3. Use the hand gel provided, before boarding
  4. Be aware that as of Monday 17th May, buses are able to use all forward facing seats, so most of the buses will be running at almost maximum capacity. 

There are 4 checkpoints on this section during race day, only 3 of these will be manned for the recce:

1. Howtown (not manned)
2. Mardale (manned)
3. Kentmere (manned)
4. Ambleside (finish) – THE CHECKPOINT IS PARISH HALL

*Based on the above, we suggest that you do not descend the hill to Howtown checkpoint but continue to Mardale (On race day to reach Howtown you have to descend a steep hill for 800m, then retrace your steps back to the route).

What’s available at checkpoints?

We’ve arranged for water bowsers to be at each CP and there will be enough water for 300 runners. However, there will be no food so please carry your own on the day. At the checkpoint you must ‘check in’ by telling the marshal your name. Please ensure you’ve been checked off the list so we know you’ve passed through Mardale and Kentmere. You should also ensure you check in at the Parish Hall in Ambleside, or we will presume you are missing. Don’t return to you car without checking in!! 

Other things to consider

Bring map, DOWNLOAD AND PRINT THE ROAD BOOK and use GPS if available. There will be support runners on the course who know the route, you can identify them by their high viz vest (wearing or on their pack).

There will be a medic supporting the day who is contactable via the CP staff. Should you be faced with an emergency which requires mountain rescue, call 999 and provide your location. Our main contact number is 07872 824959, this is for emergency use on the day only, it’s not a general contact number for Lakeland 50 & 100.

There will be a sweeper bus at Mardale and Kentmere should you need to drop out. The bus will wait until all runners have passed through Mardale, before moving to Kentmere and waiting for the final runner to pass through Mardale. It will then go to Ambleside to drop off any runners. Be aware that you will be on the bus for a long time if you choose to drop out and it cannot take you back to Ambleside immediately. 

Remember that FULL KIT is required as per the event itself. Weather may be variable on Sunday, expect rain and be prepared for low temperatures. 

We look forwards to seeing you all there!


The Montane Lakeland 50 & 100 Team

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