Recce Details Ambleside to Coniston, Saturday April 3rd

The recce from Ambleside to Coniston is now full and closed. Due to COVID regulations, the recce is required to meet specific COVID secure criteria, which we will outline below.

Car parking will be less than 1 mile from Coniston. We will be using a field outside of the town centre, so we can avoid any impact on the village itself. The field is next to Monk Coniston car park. The cost for parking will be £5 for the day, please pay cash when you arrive.

We will have a fleet of small buses picking up at Monk Coniston Car Park and dropping off in Ambleside. The buses can only carry ‘half capacity’ and you must wear a mask on the bus. You will also be required to use hand gel and take a temperature check before boarding the bus, all of which will be carried out by Mountain Goat bus staff (bring your own mask!).

We anticipate the buses will leave approximately every 15 minutes (TBC) to shuttle runners to Ambleside, with 10-12 runners on each bus. The first bus will leave at 10:30am and the last anticipated shuttle will be 1:30pm.

The bus will drop off outside of Ambleside town centre at Miller Bridge Car Park and as you leave the bus, you should disperse immediately and avoid running in large groups or close together. From the car park you can walk a short distance towards the football pitch and then a path goes into Rothay Park to join the course as normal (see below).

There will be the usual checkpoints at Chapel Stile and Tilberthwaite but there will not be food or water so you must be self sufficient. It is however compulsory to ensure that you ‘check in’ at these points for safety purposes. Usual social distancing guidelines apply, don’t gather and give the volunteers space.

We will be operating a booking system (will be available soon) which will allow you to book a bus and departure time, so if you’re running with a friend or family member, you can ensure you’re both on the same bus. We also want to avoid everyone arriving at the car parking field together and maintain a steady flow throughout the morning. There will be support runner who know the route, we’ll provide details closer to the run.

Further information will follow!

Montane Lakeland 50 & 100 Team

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