Lakeland 50 & 100 Virtual Ultra – Team Entries Now Open

You now have the ability to enter the Lakeland Virtual Ultra as a team or group. You can can see from the picture below, when you enter, there is a section which says ‘join existing team’.

If you are a ‘general solo entry’ and wish to enter either the 50 or 100 and complete the full distance yourself, then you select ‘None’. If you wish to create or join a team, you would select ‘Join existing or Create new’ (see below).

By creating and joining a team, the distance ran by each person in that team, will be added to an accumulated total. So for those who are not able to run the full distance, this is a great way to take part, receive a medal and enjoy the event with friends or colleagues.

You can have as many people in your team as you like, as an example, you may have 5 people and each of you would therefore need to complete 21 miles each to reach the 105 total. You’d have the 11 days to do this, so the challenge is much more manageable. The number of people in your team is not limited, so even those who don’t run on a regular basis can get out and walk or run 1-2 miles a day to take part, if they can get enough people to join them! The mileage can be split however you like, you don’t all have to run the same distance.

How does the registration work?

  1. Agree with your friends or colleagues how many people are in your team and what your team will be called.
  2. The first person from your team should place an entry and select ‘Create new’ then ‘name your team’.
  3. The additional members should then place their own entries and select ‘Join existing’. Then from the drop down menu, find their team name and select it.
  4. Every time one of your team members completes a run between the dates of 11th-25th July, they should log into their entry and add the distance they ran.
  5. The distances for each person in your team will be accumulated to give you a team total. When your team has collectively completed the full distance, you have finished!
  6. During the event, you will be able to expand the data to see how far each member ran, to make sure nobody is shirking their duties.

This is a great way for you and your friends, extended family or work colleagues to do something festive, raise some money for charity and be part of a great event. You can enter by GOING HERE

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