Live tracking and results 2019


The race numbers have now been set for the event. You can see your race number on the SIentries entry list. IMPORTANT – Whilst everyone is taking part in the same event & categories, there are 2 separate lists dependent upon how you registered.

If you registered as a GENERAL ENTRY – GO HERE
If you registered as a CHARITY ENTRY – GO HERE

SIentries live updates

SIentries provides the results for the event. Each time you pass through a checkpoint, you will record your arrival and this will be shown on the SIentries live results. At any time your friends and family can see the ‘time of day’ and ‘race time’ at which you arrived at each of the checkpoints and also when you arrive at the finish. SIentries will not show ‘where you are’ between checkpoints.

*The SIentries system will not show your name until the race has started. DON’T EMAIL and ask why your name is not currently showing. It will also not record times through CP1 for 100 course runners and will only run live from CP2. ASK YOUR FRIENDS not to message us on race day stating that the first CP is not recording.

To visit the SIentries live results page GO HERE

Open Tracking updates

Open Tracking is live GPS tracking for all 50 & 100 competitors. SIentries live updates provides split timings and results for the event. The purpose of Open Tracking is to provide you with a ‘DOT’ on a map, showing your location at all times. We use this for safety purposes and it also provides your supporters with a ‘visual’ on your exact location and how far you are from any checkpoint on the course.

*GPS signal is not always available and there will be periods where your ‘DOT’ appears to be sitting still, only to reappear further along the course 30 minutes later. Explain that to your family so they don’t think you’re passed out…

To visit the Open Tracking pages, 100 runners GO HERE and 50 runners GO HERE

You will collect both your SI ‘dibber’ and your Open Tracking ‘GPS tracker’ when you register on Friday at Coniston.

Yes… you can now go wild and tell everyone your ‘actual’ race number… no going back now people, we’ll see you Friday.

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