Lakeland 100 – 500 Club, Prizes and Presentation

I’m In 2015 we created the elusive 500 Club to recognize the brilliant achievements of those that have successfully completed five Lakeland 100 events. We didn’t realise at the time that the 500 club would grow into what is has today, if we had, we wouldn’t have set the foxtrend of solid slate trophies and would have gone for a much cheaper option.

Matt Neale still leads our all time list of 100 finishers and this year there are 23 people who may join the elusive club. For the first time, we have 2 ladies who are on the verge of joining.

Lakeland 50 runners… a warning. At the presentation on Sunday, when you see the pieces of slate being handed out you will get caught up in the euphoria. There will be a part of you which will say “I could do the 100” and this may be followed by “maybe I could do 5….”

Enjoy the evening and sleep well, if you’re lucky, those thoughts will have gone away by the morning. If they haven’t… there’s probably nothing more we can do to help you.

Below is a list of those inducted so far and the number of successful 100 completions. Scroll down to see those who are attempting number 5 this year.

Matt Neale 10
Gary Warmington 7
Ian Boardley 7
Jody Young 7
Nigel Harrison 6
Charles Brent 6
Jon Pitchford 6
Tony Maxwell 5
Lawrence Eccles 5
Kevin Perry 5
Nathan Walsh 5
Mike Dunn 5
Philip Musson 5
Simon Webb 5
Nick Ham 5
Jason Sherwood 5
Martin Thomerson 5
Brandon Webb 5
Raj Madhas 5
Steve Harvey 5
Duncan Oakes 5
Antony Brown 5
Jonathan Steele 5
Steve Major 5

For 2019 we have 23 athletes ready to run their way into the club. Critically, for the first time ever, we have 2 ladies on the verge of joining the 500 club, making 2019 a historical year for us.

Paul Wilson
Carl Hobbins
Andy Mouncey
Glen McGowan
Stephen Marks
Adrian Conlin
Allan McKeown
Duncan Potts
Gwynn Stokes
Richard Ebbs
Stephen Braithwaite
Tony Holland
David Speake
David Coulthard
Andy Arnold
John Kirwan
Philip Wilton
Andy Cole
Simon Todd
Stephen Greenhalgh

Sharon Sullivan
Jackie Stretton

Good luck to the legends and we look forward to inducting you into the 500 club on Sunday July 28th.

Presentation & Prize Categories for the 2019 Montane Lakeland 50 & 100

The presentation takes place on Sunday 28th at 12 noon. Please make every effort to attend as it’s not your usual presentation… Not only will we celebrate the winners, but it’s our opportunity to recount the best stories from the weekend. Some of the stories are emotional, some are inspiring and others are just hysterically funny. Wear your medal and join us in the school hall for the end of weekend celebration.

Those who win prizes at the Montane Lakeland 50 & 100 are not professional athletes. They run for the love of the sport just like you and for that reason, we think they should be celebrated. Join us in the hall on Sunday 28th and between us, let’s ensure that the winners remember the moment they stood on the stage. They are legends, they are part of the event history and they will be treated as such on Sunday 28th.

Lakeland 50 Solo – Male 1/2/3 & Female 1/2/3
Lakeland 50 pairs – 1st male / 1st female / 1st mixed
Lakeland 50 V40 – 1st male & female
Lakeland 50 V50 – 1st male & female
Lakeland 50 V60 – 1st male & female
Lakeland 50 V70 – 1st male (no females)

Lakeland 100 Solo – Male 1/2/3 & Female 1/2/3
Lakeland 100 pairs – 1st male / 1st female / 1st mixed
Lakeland 100 V40 – 1st male & female
Lakeland 100 V50 – 1st male & female
Lakeland 100 V60 – 1st male & female
Lakeland 100 V70 – 1st male (no females)

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