What’s on the menu for 2019?

The food available at each checkpoint has remained relatively consistent for the last 12 years, as returning competitors know what to expect and it helps them to plan ahead. The table below shows the food which can be accessedjb at each of the checkpoint, on the Lakeland 100 and 50 course.

You should note the following:

1. Anything else you require should be carried from the start. It’s not possible to have personal food delivered to checkpoints.
2. The one exception to this rule is for Lakeland 100 competitors only, who can leave personal food in their drop bag to be collected at Dalemain.
3. Taking food from supporters or spectators is considered to be ‘outside the spirit of the event’, this is your personal challenge. Carry it or get it from the checkpoints.
4. Stashing food on the course beforehand is strictly against the rules and may result in DQ, drinking stream water and eating wild animals is allowed.
5. Upon reaching Ambleside, public houses, off licenses and the fish and chip shop are strictly out of bounds.
6. The event rules are very simple and fair for everyone: carry it from the start or take it from a checkpoint.
7. Dropping litter on the course will not be tolerated, resulting in an immediate DQ. If you would ever consider dropping litter in the Lakes, you shouldn’t be trail running!
8. It is impossible for us to enforce these rules, we rely on your good will to support and adhere to them.
9. We do as much as we can to ensure we accommodate runners, but we can’t please everyone. In some cases you need to take responsibility for yourself and if we’re not providing it, then bring & carry it yourself.

You can see a list of checkpoints and food supplied below, THIS LIST IS NOT EXTENSIVE, IT IS THE MINIMUM YOU WILL FIND AT THE SPECIFIED CHECKPOINTS, the CP team will bring additional/personal food and snacks. Water and cola is available at every checkpoint on the course. Hot drinks will also be available at all checkpoints with the exception of Seathwaite.

CP Location Food Water Cordial Cola Tea / Coffee
1 Seathwaite various cake, biscuits & snacks Y Y Y N
2 Boot various flapjack, biscuits & snacks Y Y Y Y
3 Wasdale soup, sandwiches, crisps, fruit & snacks Y Y Y Y
4 Buttermere Hot dogs, milkshakes, sandwiches, crisps & snacks Y Y Y Y
5 Braithwaite pasta meal, rice pudding, biscuits, sweets, fruit & snacks Y Y Y Y
6 Blencathra cakes, biscuits, sweets & snacks Y Y Y Y
7 Dockray soup, sandwiches, biscuits, crisps, fruit & snacks Y Y Y Y
8 Dalemain meat stew and veg stew, bread, pudding & custard, sweets, biscuits and snacks Y Y Y Y
9 Howtown flapjack, biscuits, fruit & sweets Y Y Y Y
10 Mardale soup, sandwiches, crisps & snacks Y Y Y Y
11 Kentmere pasta meal, biscuits, sweets, fruit and snacks Y Y Y Y
12 Ambleside soup, sandwiches, cake, crisps, fruit & snacks Y Y Y Y
13 Chapel Stile meat stew and veg stew, bread, biscuits, fruit & sweets Y Y Y Y
14 Tilberthwaite Sandwiches, biscuits, flapjack, sweets and snacks Y Y Y Y

*Sandwiches will be ham, cheese, jam and peanut butter (not all together, but any suitable combination should be expected).

*What’s VEGAN at checkpoints? There are foods which are clearly vegan, such as fruit etc. Checkpoint teams may also bring their own foods, which we cannot account for. In terms of the basics, see below:

1. Veg stew, pasta and pasta sauces
2. Bread, spread (vitalite), jam and peanut butter
3. Salt & Vinegar / Ready Salted crisps (not cheese and onion)
4. Millions sweets are vegan, not Haribo
5. Hob Nob, Nice, Rich Tea & Bourbon biscuits are vegan, custard creams are not vegan
6. Cakes and flapjack are not vegan

IMPORTANT – Remember there are 2 separate events running over the weekend, those taking part in the 50 and those taking part in the 100. If you’re running the 50 and find the thought of soup and sandwiches as checkpoint 2 a bit strange…  remember that some people will have done 70 miles by that point. However… feel free to indulge yourself, it’s all included in the price.

*Have a medical condition related to your diet? Email organiser@lakeland100.com


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